Are you a business owner in Melbourne who is concerned about electrical issues that could impact your business? If you are, then this article is for you. So, keep on reading to learn about some of the most common electrical issues that happen in business premises so that you may take appropriate steps to resolve them before they are out of control.

We all know that keeping businesses running efficiently is a concern of every businessperson. That is why it is essential to have a regular and continuous power supply so all electrical devices, computers, servers, printers and other important devices can operate uninterrupted.

However, when it comes to electrical issues, there are some common issues such as, redundant wiring, overloaded circuits, and power surges. Any of these issues can lead to an electrical problem, which makes it highly crucial for every business owner to fix them as soon as they can. These electrical issues are straightforward to identify and easy to repair.

So, here are some of the most electrical problems that could impact your business:

Overloaded Circuits

This type of electrical problems occurs when extra power outlets are created and use the existing wires for the power source. It is a time-saving method but can create serious safety issues when you have many appliances plugged in and are drawing electrical power simultaneously. As a result, the demand for electricity goes beyond capacity of the connect or the outlet and will lead to a overload. When this problem surfaces you will need to have an electrician determine what the electrical power drainage is on each circuit. The electrician will then perform necessary test and upgrades so that there is a balanced circuit load.

Redundant Wiring

Another electrical problem is redundant wiring, which usually occurs where someone has installed electrical wiring but did not use all of the wiring. Most often, there are live wires that were not correctly capped or terminated. You can hire an electrician to trace all the electrical wiring for you. You need to do it as soon as you can to reduce hazards.

Power Surges

Power surges happens due to a sudden increase in the electricity provided by your utility company. Also, it occurs as a result of lightning during storms. When this happens, it can trigger circuits to overload, triggering electrical appliances to shut down or even burn. You cannot fix it easily, but there are ways to handle these power surges. You may want to have surge protectors installed and always plug all your electrical devices into these surge protectors. Surge protectors contain built in circuits to prevent fires or your electronics burning by routing power through a different channel. If your business suffers from power surges, it is time to call in an electrician for a complete assessment and installation of surge protecting circuits.

Flickering Lights

This type of electrical problem can have adverse effects on your business and work environment if not taken care of. Flickering lights is often caused by defective or loose light bulb. But it can also be caused by lose wiring and faulty switches. Although it is a trivial thing, it can turn into significant damage if it is not caught and fixed immediately. Whenever you have flickering lights simply changing or tightening the bulb fix the issue but sometimes it does not. In that case the problem may be with wiring or faulty switches and need to hire a professional electrician who will diagnose the issue and find out what is the exact problem. Otherwise, flickering lights can cause irritability and distraction for the people who work in that environment, which is not suitable for productivity or general business operations.

Burning odour or sparks

This type of electrical problems usually occurs around electrical outlets in your workplace, most notably when someone turns on something. Whenever it happens, you will notice a burning odour coming from the switches or the wires. If you are experiencing this issue in your business, then you need to switch off the mains power immediately. Quickly shut off the power at the electrical panel! This electrical issue usually occurs when there are wiring and overload problems, a faulty device can also be a cause.


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