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At Shockproof Electrical and Data, we work tirelessly to supply an option that’s unrivaled for those seeking a top quality electrician in Flemington. Our expert team takes pride in providing outstanding value for money and reliability every time so that you can feel confident when selecting an electrician in Flemington. We offer an extensive service designed for your needs.

Our areas of expertise extend to:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial electricians in Flemington.
  • Electrical and telecommunications specialists.
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Planning, designing, installations and support.
  • And more!

If you want to trust that your important electrical jobs will be completed in a timely manner and by fully qualified expert electricians in Flemington, then you can feel confident, you’ve chosen the right business. We take our customers very seriously and create top quality solutions for any electrical problems you may encounter. Our Flemington electricians are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and as such, we offer a lifetime warranty on our labour.

Our Electrical Services in Flemington:

  • 24/7 emergency contact.
  • Quick service.
  • Value for money.
  • Professional and highly qualified electricians in Flemington.
  • Complimentary consultation

Then get in touch with the team from Shockproof Electrical and Data right away on 0412 765 330 or email We’ll review your electrical or data cabling needs and send you out an experienced Flemington electrician.

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Shockproof Electrical and Data is a Melbourne based company specialises in all electrical and telecommunication services. We strongly believe in putting our customers first. Whether you are a domestic, commercial or industrial client in need, we have a long list of services we can provide you.