We offer an array of Electrical and Data services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Electrical Services Melbourne - Residential - Shockproof Electrical and Data

Shockproof will take care of all your project needs, whether they are apartments, town houses or new homes our company maintains a clean and safe environment. We can help with any general electrical services required to maintain your home, from installations through to lighting, repair, upgrades and safety checks (which includes switches and smoke detector checks).

Commercial Electrician Melbourne - Shockproof Electrical and Data

As experienced commercial electricians we can ensure that your projects will be completed on the agreed time and at a professional standard. We specialise in combining all of your electrical needs to provide you with a cost effective solution. Whether it is wiring or maintaining new schools, shopping centres, offices or government facilities we can assist you.

Industrial Electrician Melbourne - Shockproof Electrical and Data

At Shockproof Electrical and Data we provide you with everything you need to operate on your factory, warehouse and other industrial sites. We can take care of anything from electricity to switchboards. We will ensure that our work is done in a fast timely matter that suits to your deadlines.


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Our highly qualified, experienced electrical contractors can provide you with all the services you would expect from a reliable electrician in Brighton or anywhere else in Melbourne. When you work with Shockproof we insist on high quality and satisfaction therefor all your work is guaranteed!


Residential Electrician Melbourne - Shock Proof Electrical and Data


If you require assistants within the late hours of the night Shockproof Electrical and Data is here to help! We provide all customers within the Melbourne Region 24/7 emergency contact. We will assist you in a situation of a breakdown, as we understand that your needs are important.

Residential Electrician Melbourne - Shock Proof Electrical and Data


As licenced electricians we can cater for all your electrical needs and services. We provide installations, maintenance and repair work.

Residential Electrician Melbourne - Shock Proof Electrical and Data

Electrical Maintenance and Repair

Shockproof electrical and data will address all repair as quickly and efficiently as possible to suit your needs and requirements. It is important to ensure all electrical appliances and fittings are maintained for safety and good performance. This applies to all body corporate, property service companies and insurance companies.


Shockproof Electrical and Data will meet all residential, commercial and industrial installation needs.
Electrical Charging Port for Electrical for Tesla and Hybrid Vehicles Shockproof Electrical and Data
  • Consumer main/ sub-mains

  • 3 phase power

  • Lighting

  • UPS power

  • Switchboards upgrades and design

  • Energy saving systems

  • Energy saving systems

  • Group metering

  • Ducted Vacuum System

  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting

  • Power

  • C-Bus controls

  • Security systems and CCTV

  • Rewiring residential commercial and industrial

  • Distribution boards


Shockproof Electric and Data provides a complete Data cabling solution.
Data Cabling and Wiring Services Melbourne - Shock Proof Electrical and Data
  • Underground cabling

  • Communications earthing system

  • Network design and advice

  • Fault finding and Repair

  • Earthing of cable support systems

  • Data cabling systems

  • Fusion splicing

  • NBN preparations


To ensure your Appliances remain safe and functioning, testing and tagging is a must.
Electrical and Data Cabling Wiring and System Installation Services Melbourne - Shock Proof Electrical and Data
  • Emergency light testing

  • Smoke alarm testing

  • Testing of tools and appliances

  • Energy audits

  • LAN testing

  • RCD testing

  • Power quality Testing

  • Electrical safety audits and reports

  • Thermal imaging

  • Load testing and load balancing

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