Need Electrician for Blow Fuse?

A fuse is an essential safety device used in older homes. A fuse is often blown due to an excessive current flowing or a short circuit. If a fuse goes off within your home it may affect electrical circuits, resulting in the power going off around your property.

Shockproof electrical and data can evaluate the current state of your fuses to provide you with the best solutions. We can easily determine the root cause of the blown fuses and conclude if the fuse itself is an issue or is there any issue in the controls or wiring system.

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What should you do with a blown fuse?

We would recommend that you do not try to change the fuse yourself as this can be dangerous, and instead call an electrician to determine the root cause of the blown fuse. Our licensed and qualified electricians are available to repair the blown fuses and keep you, your family, and your property protected from potential safety hazards.

Once you contact us, a electrician will visit your property and examine any problems relating to your electrical and fuses. We can easily replace the fuse, and if there is an underlying cause behind the blown fuse, we will suggest further solutions to prevent further damage to the fuses in future. We will propose the best electrical solutions that will keep your home safe from safety hazards like electrocution and electrical fires.

Causes of Blown Fuses

There are many different reasons that can lead to a fuse getting blown. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Overloading due to usage of many appliances at the same time through the same power outlet
  • Old and damaged wiring system
  • Home appliances might require more amperage than the one provided by a fuse
  • Incorrect fittings of the fuse
  • Faulty appliances such as damaged wires
  • Power outlet being exposed to water or extreme damp conditions
  • Water coming in from a broken or cracked housing wall leading to short-circuit

How is the blown fuse fixed?

Our electricians are qualified and highly-trained to deal with different kinds of situations. Over the years, we have dealt with a lot of different circumstances surrounding the blowing of a fuse. We can repair and replace your fuses but do not recommend repairing as they are old technology.

We recommend our customers to have a complete upgrade with modern safety protection devices installed.

How we can fix Blow Fuse

Shockproof electrical and data provide the best electrical and fuse replacement services in Melbourne. Our services related to blown fuses include:

  • Replacing a damaged or blown fuse with a new fuse
  • Using modern tools to examine the extent of the problem
  • Identifying the faulty fuse quickly and accurately
  • Giving advice about the issue that might be the reason for a blown fuse
  • Complete upgrade of your switchboard with safety switches and new circuit breakers

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