electrical fires safety and prevention by Shockproof Electrical and Data


Electrical faults in the switchboards, wiring, and appliances can cause fires and significant damage to one’s property. According to the experts, most house fires are caused by electrical problems.

If you suspect any electrical faults in your home or office, contact Shockproof Electrical and Data to get your wires, and electrical circuits examined to prevent any possible electrical accidents that may lead to a fire.

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Causes of Electrical Fires

There are some common causes that lead to electrical fires:

Damaged wires and sockets

Faulty sockets, faulty plugs and damaged or worn-out wiring insulation, may be a cause of electrical fires. You should always keep the plugs and sockets in excellent condition and get them checked by electricians.

Shockproof Electrical and Data will repair or replace your damaged and old electrical equipment safely and efficiently.

Older wires are covered by a rubber coating, which deteriorates over a period of time. As a result, the chances of electrical fires increase. Modern wires are coated in PVC, which is significantly stronger than the normal coating .

It is very important that you get the electrical inspection done at your home and office to make it safe and secure and prevent electrical accidents.


Circuit overloading is also a common cause of electrical fires.

Whenever we buy a new electrical appliance, for example, TV, LCD, freezer, oven, or any other such device, we increase the demand for power from the electrical circuit.

When too many appliances are operated on a single circuit, over consumption is generated, which can lead to electrical fires.

To avoid such issues, we recommend installing separate circuits in your home to which minimise the electrical burden on a single circuit. We also recommend having your switchboard up to date to prevent overloading on wiring if it occurs.

Industries, commercial properties, and offices use split circuits to distribute the current appropriately.

Faulty appliances

Damaged and faulty appliances can be the cause of electrical fires as well. It is a very serious issue, and usually people are unaware that they are using a damaged appliance.

The most usual appliances that result in electrical fires are:

  • TVs
  • Ovens
  • Heating units
  • Dryers

If you are facing any issue with the appliances, wiring, or any other electrical component of your property, contact Shockproof electrical and data to get our professional opinion and find out the cause and best solution of the electrical problem.


Water is also a common cause of electrical fires. You must keep Leads, and electronic appliances away from water. Damp conditions in sockets can also lead to short-circuiting and electric fires.

electrical fires safety and prevention by Shockproof Electrical and Data

Prevention of Electrical Fires

Here are some ways of preventing Electrical related fires

  • Do not overload power outlets and circuits
  • Have an electrician inspect your electrical wiring and gear
  • Have an electrician install safety switches in your property
  • Regularly test your safety switches
  • Do not use damaged electrical leads and appliances

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