Problems are generally bad, no one loves them, especially electrical related ones. They’re very dreadful and hazardous. When talking of common household electrical problems, we’re not talking about the issue of a spoilt phone charger or sound system acting funny. We’re talking of electrical issues springing within the walls of your home or workspace that are causing issues. Your safety is an essential thing when talking about household electrics. You can identify some of the problems listed and the most appropriate solutions below.

1. Frequent Electrical Surges

Surges, also known as transients, are the lightning-fast striking of light. High-voltage disruptions in the electricity flow trigger them. They don’t last for long though as they only occur for a split second. But their effects are quite damaging. If they happen, they can make any of your home’s or workspace’s electrical appliances that are connected to the outlets faulty.

Furthermore, if these surges persist, Shockproof can install a surge protect device that will eliminate 99% of surge related damages to your property. Shockproof and data will inspect any issues relating to surges that may be damaged and hazardous to the home. If you are concerned about any faults please do not inspect it yourself, instead always call a licensed electrician.

2. Malfunctioning Light Switches

You have probably noticed that your dimming or ON/OFF switches are not performing as expected, it could be that the switches may have been overridden. It could also be as a result of improper wiring and circuit faults or just that the switches have gotten old and need replacements. So, you might want to look out for these issues within your home or workplace. Consider consulting with your emergency electrician to see what the problem is and get the faulty switches changed ASAP to avoid any other issues afterwards.

3. Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

If you’re experiencing this, the chances are that your circuit breaker has detected some issues in the current circuit. The tripping can occur whenever you’re using any appliances that have high watt rating, like; an oven and microwave. It can also be as a result of using power-consuming devices simultaneously on the same source with these high watt ratings causing an overload.

A circuit breaker is meant to serve as protection for your wiring within your home. So, whenever it trips, it’s performing its duties. As the name implies, they break up circuits whenever they sense something overloading the circuit. If this tripping occurs more frequently, you can as well limit the electrical usage on a single circuit when appliances with high watt ratings are being connected for a better result or call Shockproof Electrical so that we can upgrade the wiring to suit your usage.

4. Frequent Light Bulb Burnouts

Maybe you’ve had your light bulbs changed yet again, and you’re probably thinking that the bulbs you’re buying are not as good as they’re meant to be. Maybe you’ve been blaming the bulbs. However, frequent burnouts can also be as a result of electrical issues at your house or workspace. Though there are so many things that can lead to burnouts, it could be as a result of overheating, tightly fixed bulbs, lousy air circulation amongst others, vibrations in the fixtures and loose wiring. If these burnouts persist, all you need to do is get your residential electricians to have a look at it. Your safety and that of your households as well co-workers and your properties should be your number one priority. If electrical issues persist, you should contact an electrician near you to have it fixed.